Thanks for stopping by CheeseMoon Vintage! Growing up with flea marketing as a main activity of all road trips with my parents, I have the bug. Who doesn’t like to imagine the story of the people to whom a piece belonged? As an English teacher, I love a good story.

CheeseMoon? That’s a weird name. What’s up with that?

My 4-year-old was navigating us on a small drive. She told us there was a surprise waiting for us. Then she saw the moon, and began talking about how it is made of cheese. My two-year-old, who we thought was asleep, suddenly yelled “Cheese Moon” in his best game show host voice. The words stuck, and became a favorite family exclamatory phrase. What was the surprise at the end of the adventure, you ask? It turns out it was our daughter saying that she didn’t actually know where we were going. Who would have thought a four-year-old might not be the best navigator? We love adventures!

My kids are big part of my adventures, and love to find a unique piece that probably had a cool history. (Who else but a kid could come up with a name like CheeseMoon?) We like to leave the items as they are, or upcycle them if we’re feeling particularly creative. I hope you find an item you like, so its story can be continued in your adventures.


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